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Altered Gift Box
Great for Valentines Day

My latest project is an altered gift box made from a food pail or takeaway noodle type box. I got the idea from a very cool valentines day project on the Simple scrapbooks website. You basically just grab a gift box from your local craft or dollar store (Spotlight for you Aussies), paint it and embellish with patterned paper and lots of pretties and then fill it with your partners favourite chocolates. Very simple yet an extra special gift because of the thought and effort it requires to make it.

So valentines day has been and gone and here is the end product. I tried to find some chocolate peanuts to fill it with but I had to settle for scorched almonds...

Holidays and birthdays

You don't have to wait for valentines day. You can use this gift idea for any holiday or birthday including mothers day, fathers day, and Christmas. You can even paint it up in baby colours, pop some knitted booties in the box and present it to a new mother to be as a baby shower gift.

altered gift box



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Let me know if you have seen a great valentines mini album project to share