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All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook - with tutorial

All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook
All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook

I made this mini photo album for my daughter Exaiven. She is not even 2yrs old yet, but I hope that when she gets older she would really like it. It was made with the intentions that she cold see the happiness we share now, and even when she is older and don't remember those times she can have a memory book as a reminder. Surely when I'm gone she can remember that her mother loved her, and instead of being sad she can be full of peace when she looks at this.

All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook

Products used

All these materials can be found at Walmart and Target for less than $2, except the paper, that I got at Joann's for $7 on sale.

all about mini pages

How to make it

1. I first started by flattening the rolls, then I glued then I painted them white so that the rolls can have a blank canvas to work with (paint the inside if you want as well I did!) You may want to paint them a different color depending on the type of paper you are using.

2. For the front and back cover, I put glue on the flattened roll. Then placed the roll at the edge of the pattern paper so that there would be less scraps. Now just trim the edges and repeat in the other side.

3. Make the holes for the binding before you place the paper if you are using a regular hole punch. Then put the first cover, punch. Then the second cover and punch again. Now, if you have the crop-a-dile then it does not matter.

4. For the pages I cut out the paper so that there would be 1/8" border showing the paint. The paper was glued using a even coat of tacky glue (to make it even just spread it with your fingers or if you don't want to get messy use a butter knife it works well too).

5. For the tags I measured the inside and just used scissors to make a pattern in the border the tied it with ribbon.

6. Embellish to your liking.

7. put all the pages through the rings and tie ribbons to the rings to mask the metal if you like (if you do not have binder rings, you can just tie it with ribbon it looks just as pretty!)

8. Enjoy

More Pictures

All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook pages 3 and 4
Inner pages

little diva

All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook
more photos

All about Exaiven Mini Scrapbook
little girl big dreams

Hot mini book Tips

This project can be time consuming and if you are like me with kids the only time I get is at night that is when my crafty side comes out. Remember to always get some sleep and have a full tummy. When you do this your creativeness will flow much better.

By Linette Torres
Moon Scrapper

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