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Easy Accordion Album Instructions

Accordion or concertina albums are another quick and fun way to produce a beautiful book in very little time. You can easily create a mini book to place on a 12x12 layout to hold extra journaling or photos (you can also ad them to your mini albums)

accordion album instructions
Love Accordion Album



Basic Accordion Album Instructions

To make this basic accordion album you will need:
-3 sheets of 12"x12" card stock (more if you
-Cutting tool or craft knife
-Adhesive (glue or double sided tape)

The final product will have 8 pages(incl covers) and will measure 6"x6" without covers and 6.5"x6.5" with covers

Take a Sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock or patterned paper and cut it in half using your cutting tool or a craft knife and metal ruler.  Each sheet will give you two 6"x12" segments. Taking care to make sure that the corners and edges meet (pull out your bone folding tool for precise folds), fold each of the 2 segments in half.

accordian album 1

Repeat with the remaining two sheets of card stock until you have 6 sheets of 6"x12" folded sheets to form the pages of your accordion book

accordian album 2

Now for the next instruction. Using glue or double sided tape, take each sheet and adhere the right hand page of each sheet to the left hand page of the next keeping the accordion folding pattern.

accordian album 3

Now grab your funky embellishments and decorate your accordion album. Covers can be made for your album by cutting two 6.5"x6.5" square pieces from chipboard or stiff cardboard and covering with co-ordinating papers. Adhere the covers to the front and back page of your album centring each page within the covers.

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