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Happy Valentines Mini Albums from
February 05, 2008
Acrylic Mini Album

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Issue 5

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Happy 2008

Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed a festive holiday season and are ready to take on a new 2008. My holidays were filled with house paint, a hammer and tradesmen...Yep, we moved house just 3 days before Christmas and for two months solid we were dumping rubbish, cleaning, preping and painting, walls,  carpeting floors,  chatting with my new best friend who works at Bunnings Hardware, sanding floors, cleaning brushes and dumping more rubbish . It wasn't so bad though, every now and then we managed to get in a little sleep and food :)

Prepay and save!But we're all settled in now and everything is back to normal and we are really looking forward to a monster mini album year here at Scrapbook-Crazy. We can't wait to get started. So many albums to make yet so little time... We have lot's planned including our first annual Monster mini album competition sometime around the middle of the year so keep your skills honed and your eyes peeled.

On with the show. If you have any questions, comments or if you just want to say 'Hi' then get in touch with me at

Have Fun,


In this Issue

Competition Winners

First things first. Congratulations to Nettie from Ohio who has won a $25 scrapbook voucher from with her mini address books. Thanks to everybody who entered and keep an eye out for our next mini album competion. Click here to take a sneaky peak at Nettie's Christmas gift ideas.

netties mini albums netties mini albums

5 Quick Valentine's mini album ideas

Love is in the air and it is time to pull out your red and black patterned papers and those heart shaped pretties to throw together in a mini album all about the love. If you haven't gotten started already you still have a bit of time up your sleeve but you better not leave it too late. To help you on your way, here are the top five themes on my most wanted list of Valentine's day mini albums.

  1. 10 things I love about you - The deep and mushy gift.

  2. Our Love Story - The story of you and your partner. From the very first day you met until today and every moment in between.

  3. Love coupons - a cheeky light hearted gift idea for your soul mate. (See the mini album freebie for this gift idea)

  4. The loves in my life - The mini album filled with all those who are nearest and dearest to your heart - not just your SO.

  5. Valentines Day 2008 - a post valentines day project keepsake to remember this special Valentines Day of 2008

For more ideas on each of these Valentines themes click here

Search Scrapbook-Crazy

Mini album freebie

My Valentines gift project for my sweetie this year is a little mini book filled with "Love Coupons". Strike item three from my list above (only four more to go) Very quick and easy to make if you are running short of time and they are lots of fun.

Below are a few voucher ideas for him and for her. Some are romantic and some are a little cheeky. For your own vouchers think of an activity, romantic or otherwise, that your partner might appreciate and make a voucher for it. These vouchers can only be used once but they can be redeemed at any time, they never expire!

love coupons

For Her

  • A relaxing Bubble bath - with candles
  • Romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant
  • A 20 minute Foot massage
  • Rainy day cuddles
  • A night out scrapping with friends

For Him

  • A 20 minute Back Massage with oil
  • Your favourite dinner
  • A night out with the boys / watching t.v.
  • One Hug and kiss
  • Sit back and relax while I wash your car / take out trash / mow lawns...

Download this freebie.

Credits: the font used is Craftopia love - author unknown

Digital mini albums and ecards

There appears to be a lot of digital photo sites that now allow you to share your photos online in funky themed mini books and slideshows. Gone are the days of simply emailing a tonne of photos to every person in your address book and bringing your internet connection to a grinding halt. Some of these sites even allow you to purchase a hard copy photobook filled with your own photos, they are just like mini scrapbook albums and look just as good. I am yet to purchase one of these little coffee table books but I am definitely eager to try one.

Smilebox is the only one that I have tried and so far I'm liking it. I have joined the club which enables me to print off my smileboxes. A mini book for the coffee table in a flash. Give it a try and let me know how you go. Drop me a line on my BLOG with a link to your smilebox.

Pick of the Bunch

This months pic of the bunch was created by Katherine Skinner. A funky little mini album of a vacation in Hawaii...sooo lucky.

As you can see from the pictures here This nifty little accordion album is folded in the most unusual way. Fortunately for us Katherine has shared her methods for making this diamond folding accordion album here

You can also see the rest of Katherine's album here

As always we would really love to see what you've been up to. So make sure you share some of your mini album mojo with the rest of us and send me an email of your latest scrapbook mini album caper along with photos of your album and yourself (if you like) I will pick out an email or two each month to feature on my newsletter... So don't be shy now and

send your stuff to with 'Mini album submission' in the subject box.

note. I don't wanna get into any trouble so make sure any submissions are your own work.

Stuff you oughta know

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